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This is a list of reading materials including scholarly articles, research reports, journal entries, freelance and institutionally based journal entries, audio works, videos, and lecture series that I have experienced. I began building the list in July, 2018, and have entered any media/content that I consider valuable and relevant to my creative work and professional research, to the best of my memory and ability to log on a consistent basis.

I really have not included artworks or cinematic works in this list. There are a few that dance along those lines, but that list will be added at some later time.

Read (Watched)

The Brain And Chronic Exposure To Nicotine, (The CNRS)

Nicotine treatment of mild cognitive impairment, (A 6-month double-blind pilot clinical trial)

Zizek vs. Peterson Debate

Diet, evolution, gut health and brain function - Professor John Furness and Dr Martin Stebbing

The Pattern of Abilities and Development of Girls with Asperger Syndrome by Tony Attwood

Death by Calcium, Redox Balance, Chronic Disease & Vitamin C by Dr Thomas Levy

Part 1 + 2: Christian A Stewart-Ferrer on Asperger's/Autism

Caltech lectures, Christof Koch: Lecture 13: On Time and Consciousness

Lecture on vitamin C by brilliant Suzanne Humphries

Asperger's and Autism: Brain Differences Found

Autism: An evolutionary perspective, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, 1st Symposium of EPSIG, 2016

The Psychology of Emotional and Cognitive Empathy

The Neurodevelopment of Empathy in Humans, Jean Decety, Karger Developmental Neuroscience

Caloric Intake and Aging, Richard Weindruch, Ph.D. and Rajindar S. Sohal, Ph.D.

Increasing Healthy Human Lifespan, Laura Deming of The Longevity Fund

Abdominal Pains and Migraine in Autism

Metabolic Syndrome in Migraine Patients: Recent Findings and Treatment Approach, Rajesh Dubey

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Migraines, (Sydney Cognitive Development Centre)

Leemon Baird x Harvard Talk - Hashgraph: New Directions for Blockchains & Distributed Ledgers

Day1 am - Mind and Life XXVI: Mind, Brain and Matter (Dalai Lama, Christof Koch)

Paleo diet: Big brains needed carbs | Importance of dietary carbohydrate in human evolution

Here's How Google Makes Sure It (Almost) Never Goes Down

Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world's net traffic

Top 10 biggest data centres from around the world

The 25 Largest Internet Companies In The World

DARPA, KAIROS | Darpa Wants to Build an AI to Find the Patterns Hidden in Global Chaos

The Global Consciousness Project - Ph.D. Roger Nelson

CARTA: Uniquely-Human Features of the Brain: John Allman - Von Economo Neurons

Radiolab - Spindle Cells [Dr. Patrick Hof and Jonah Lehrer]

The neurons that shaped civilization | VS Ramachandran

Quanta Magazine: Major Quantum Computing Advance Made Obsolete by Teenager

The Biggest Winner of Auction Week and 12 Other Takeaways From New York's $2 Billion Sales | artnet News

Has the Art Market Reached a Stage of End-Game Nihilism? Kenny Schachter on New York's $2 Billion Auctions

Intermittent metabolic switching, neuroplasticity and brain health

Ischemic Cascade

Beyond MSG: Could Hidden Sources of Glutamate Be Harming Your Health?

Cortical Glutamate in Migraines, Oxford Academic, BRAIN: A Journal of Neurology

Glutamate Levels Higher in People with Migraines, James Cottrill, Headache and Migraine News

Western Digital Blog: CPU Bandwidth – The Worrisome 2020 Trend

Facial recognition's failings: Coping with uncertainty in the age of machine learning / TechRepublic Article ("It's getting our heads around the fact that we're now very much in the world of uncertainty, not the world of logic.") THE AGE OF HEURISTICS

What is Deep Learning? Everything you need to know, Nick Heath, ZDNet

Neurons and Synapses, from The Human Memory

Tor Bair, Medium: Exponential Growth Isn’t Cool. Combinatorial Growth Is.

Jaron Lanier on the Future of Our Digital Lives

Richard Brautigan (poem), “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace”

Franco “Bifo” Berardi, “Cognitarian Subjectivation” (E-Flux #20)

The Minicolumnopathy of Autism: a Link between Migraine and Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Manuel F. Casanova, MD, NCBI

Running as the Thinking Person’s Sport, Gretchen Reynolds, The New York Times

Citizenfour, Laura Poitras, Thoughtmaybe

HyperNormalisation, Adam Curtis, Thoughtmaybe

All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, Adam Curtis, Thoughtmaybe

The Century of the Self, Adam Curtis, Thoughtmaybe

The Truth About Killer Robots, Maxim Pozdorovkin, Thoughtmaybe

Stare Into the Lights My Pretties, Jordan Brown, Thoughtmaybe

“There’s such a thing as ‘autism camouflaging’ and it might explain why some people are diagnosed so late”, The British Psychological Society, Research Digest

Quora from Eric Leow Yu Quan on Elizabeth Holmes

The Times Literary Supplement, God is in the machine.

AAMC Article (cited in Pietra + Health Care): Addressing the Escalating Psychiatrist Shortage

NVIDIA Article: Tumor Tracking: How a Neural Network Compares Brain MRIs in a Flash

Ray Kurzweil - The Age of Intelligent Machines

Reading (Watching)

Johnjoe McFadden, Synchronous Firing and Its Influence on the Brain’s Electromagnetic Field: Evidence for an Electromagnetic Field Theory of Consciousness

Google's AI Wins Fifth And Final Game Against Go Genius Lee Sedol, Wired

A Neural Conversational Model, Oriol Vinyals, Quoc V. Le (Google)

Glutamate antagonists: Deadly liaisons with cancer, NCBI, Esper A. Cavalheiro and John W. Olney

How to use Seawater to grow Food in the Desert, BBC, Future Now

The NIC Global Trends 2017 Report, “The Paradox of Progress

Immanuel Kant, “The Critique of Pure Reason”

The Eyes Have It”, Philip K. Dick, 1953

Stefan Kojouharov, “Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data

All Things Considered, NPR Article, “Former CIA Agent Chronicles Her Side of Leak Case

Leo Galland, NIH Journal of Medicinal Food, “The Gut Microbiome and the Brain

Jama Network: Relationship Between Household Income and Mental Disorders: Findings From a Population-Based Longitudinal Study

Electrolytes & Migraines, Angela A. Stanton, The Faseb Journal

The Art Market 2018 Report, Art Basel and UBS, prepared by Dr. Clare McAndrew

Asperger’s and related disorders, Ronald B. David, Candace H. David and Lisa S. Riley

To Read (Watch)

Blockchain 3.0 The Future of DLT? (DAG, IOTO, Hashgraph evolution from blockchain)

Hyperledger vs Ethereum Training: Which one is better?

A quantum-inspired classical algorithm for recommendation systems by Ewin Tang

“But what *is* a Neural Network?” | Deep learning, Chapter 1

How the backpropagation algorithm works

“What is backpropagation really doing?” | Deep learning, Chapter 3

An introduction to heuristic algorithms

Gradient-Based Learning Applied to Document Recognition

The Microbiome of Animals: Implications for Conservation Biology

Rootstock Blockchain RSK

How Facebook Squashes Competition From Startups (Wall Street Journal)

“How My Nobel Dream Bit the Dust”, Nautilus article | My team thought we’d proved cosmological inflation. We were wrong.

Plot::conformal, Mathworks

“Optical Conformal Mapping”, from

Discovery of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' corroborates theory of consciousness

Orchestrated reduction of quantum coherence in brain microtubules: A model for consciousness

Observer v. Pub-Sub pattern of observation

Neural Net Image

MCTs- Monte Carlo Tree Search--- [for correlation to Medium Chain Triglycerides]

The Price of Everything’ Has a Vision of the Art Market to Sell You. Don’t Buy It, Tim Schneider, from Artnet News

J.B. Handley blog on autism, April 2018

Liam Gillick (on Contemporary/Post-Contemporary), E-Flux, 2010: Contemporary art does not account for that which is taking place.

“Industry and Intelligence: Contemporary Art Since 1820”, Liam Gillick

Katherine Hayles, “How We Became Posthuman”

Norbert Wiener, “The Human Use of Human Beings”

E.M. Forster, “The Machine Stops”

Max Read, “Does Facebook Need a Constitution?”

Natalie Wolchover, QuantaMagazine, “The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature”

About Digital Revolution

Carlos E. Perez, Medium Articles (Multiple) including: “The Inadequacy of Shannon’s Information Understanding Cognition”

Fred Turner, “From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism”

Nadia Eghbal, “An alternate ending to the tragedy of the commons”

“Glutamate and Psychiatric Disorders”, Cambridge

“Executive Functions”, NCBI [Controversies are addressed (e.g., the relation between EFs and fluid intelligence, self-regulation, executive attention, and effortful control, and the relation between working memory and inhibition and attention].

“Distributed Virtual Machines: A System Architecture for Network Computing”